What are WebSockets used for? Key use cases and who uses them today

With the ability to send receive data at any given point of time without having to poll the webservers, creates space for building real-time multiplayer gaming. Historically, creating web apps that needed real-time data (like gaming or chat apps) required an abuse of https://deveducation.com/ HTTP protocol to establish bidirectional data transfer. There were multiple methods used to achieve real-time capabilities, but none of them were as efficient as WebSocket. HTTP polling, HTTP streaming, Comet, and SSE  (server-sent events) all have their drawbacks.

The best solution to scale your backend with such a system is to use a message broker. It will allow you to work with a powerful messaging pattern called Pub/Sub. A lot of technologies support this kind of pattern like Redis, RabbitMQ or Kafka.

WebSockets – friend or foe? How to achieve real-time experience in your web application

Whether it is WebSocket or anything else, connections should always be secure. For instance, the WebSocket protocol does not handle authorizations, but it has to be implemented at the application level to keep things safe. And, when you test the connections, you know more about the implementations.

When is it best to utilize Websocket

Just as with HTTP, you’ll find that a WebSocket has its own set of scenarios that illustrate when it may be the best choice for your project. Remember our caution at the start of this what is a websocket blog, however, as the following guidance does not take any special messaging protocol into account. This pulls up all of your previous versions and shows the changes that were made.

Best WebSocket Testing Tools to Troubleshoot Real-Time Communication

As I mentioned earlier, one of the challenges for WebSocket testing includes hardware limitations, including the lack of servers to handle the load required for WebSocket connections. PortSwigger’s Burp Suite is focused on web security testing and supports WebSockets as part of its offering. You can analyze the responses, modify/check the messages, and rule out any vulnerabilities by scanning the WebSocket API.

When is it best to utilize Websocket

Through collaboration on IRC and W3C mailing lists, they came up with a plan to introduce a new standard for modern, truly realtime communication on the web. If data is encoded in text (UTF-8 in this case), only the binary values corresponding to characters in UTF-8 encoding are utilized. WebSocket can transmit data in both UTF-8 encoded text and in binary format. Transmitting data in binary can increase the speed of transmission and interpretation of data, as all the values of a byte can be used in encoding.


On the left side, there is the transaction type list in which we can retrieve our 2 events “Message” and “Connection” (see code snippet). If you click on it you will have access to the transaction details. In this article, we will use the ”ws” module to illustrate some points but the principles remain the same regardless of the library used. I wrote this article to create a kind of checklist about what to keep in mind before release a project using Websocket and Node.js. WebSocket by itself does not include reconnection, authentication and many other high-level mechanisms.

When you get a ping, send back a pong with the exact same Payload Data as the ping (for pings and pongs, the max payload length is 125). You might also get a pong without ever sending a ping; ignore this if it happens. First, the server must listen for incoming socket connections using a standard TCP socket. Depending on your platform, this may be handled for you automatically.

  • If the server doesn’t understand that version of WebSockets, it should send a Sec-WebSocket-Version header back that contains the version(s) it does understand.
  • The masking key is a 4 bytes random value chosen by the client and should be unpredictable.
  • WebSockets Test is a web-based tool to check if your browser supports the protocol and a bit of detail about it, including proxy support and protocol version number.
  • Multiplayer collaboration is used to facilitate teamwork and collaboration on group projects, shared documents, presentations, whiteboards, and other materials.

They’re basically used in every kind of app, whether it’s a social media/chat platform, an online marketplace, or a travel app. Due to their event-driven nature, WebSockets are the protocol of choice for many organizations implementing notification systems. You can use the WebSocket technology to power realtime communication for various types of apps and use cases.

When is it best to utilize Websocket

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